Civil Society

We would like to make our experiences available to local communities, NGOs and others that seek to establish a constructive relationship with companies.

Companies have told us that in order to develop a long-term partnership with communities they benefit from strong and assertive communities that can negotiate well and that know what is realistic to expect from a company. We agree.

We are working with some non-profit efforts and NGOs that help local communities understand the options for engagement with companies. We are just starting, but we want to do more in this field.

TRA has drafted guidance for NGOs on how to integrate the presence of mining operations near communities into their programmatic decision-making.

TRA has conducted training for NGOs on how to engage with the corporate sector, in particular in Africa. Such 2-3 day trainings have provided organizations with a better sense of who to engage with at companies, what language to use and to avoid, and how to approach and prepare for meetings with companies.