How We Work

Our style is:

  • To keep things simple and practical; the more straightforward the approach, the greater the chance it gets used.
  • To see social performance, like other types of business performance, as a shared responsibility among all functions and not just the responsibility of one designated department.
  • To treat social performance as an integral part of business processes, not as an add-on activity.
  • To focus on being comprehensive: even if we address only one element, we approach that element in the context of the larger management system.

Applying our model means:

  • Community relations are seen as an inside the fence activity that is linked to the core activities of the company.
  • Responsibility for obtaining and maintaining social acceptance is the responsibility of every employee and contractor, rather than being delegated to a separate team that has no control over the impacts or key benefits.
  • Meaningful engagement of communities in decisions affecting their lives takes precedence over transactional check writing.
  • Social performance related activities are based on assessment of social risk to the company, are strategic, are pro-active rather than reactive and have a clear link to the business case.

As a result we expect to see:

  • Increased and sustained social acceptance
  • A more predictable relationship
  • Learning from mistakes
  • An efficient use of company resources (skills, leverage) to pursue community interests
  • A shared definition of ‘success’
  • A relationship focused on common goals and objectives