Junior Company Program

Junior mining companies and exploration projects require different tools and guidance that can be implemented by geologists and project managers who may not have a community relations background.

Yet because junior companies often face unique challenges because they are first on the ground we’ve heard that on-demand support would provide them with an increased level of comfort. This why TRA offers the Junior Company Support Program, which provides access to expert advice as well as to the fit-for-purpose tools and guidance we have developed during our many years working in the field, mostly in frontier markets.

Our Approach

At TRA we believe that systematically addressing social challenges and establishing constructive relationships with local stakeholders does not need to be complicated. Rather, it is about engaging thoughtfully and getting the easy things right, like asking permission before entering onto someone’s land, paying local suppliers on time and hiring staff through a process that host communities see as fair.

The approach we take addresses the need for managing social risks and opportunities by focusing on:

  • Behaving appropriately;
  • Establishing and maintaining constructive relationships; and
  • Managing project impacts and better distribution of local benefits.

TRA Junior Company Support Program

We like to think of ourselves as your 24/7 community-relations back office. None of what we describe in our approach is so unique that it can only be achieved by specialist in-house resources or requires constant hand-holding by outside ‘experts’. That’s why we offer what you need most:

  • On-call support that responds to your immediate needs, within 24 hours;
  • Access to tools and templates that are easily adaptable, saving time and effort;
  • The opportunity to learn from other companies and how they deal with day-to-day community relations issues.

Our goal is to enable you to work on the ground with minimal disruption. We know that it is important to keep the program cost effective so we offer a number of standard options. Alternatively we can tailor a solution to suit your specific needs.

About TRA

TRA’s program lead is Luc Zandvliet, who has worked with over 30 companies and developed guidance for PDAC and IPIECA. However, we direct each request, phone call,or question to the most experienced person on our team (or consult with experts outside TRA if needed). Full bios of our various team members can be viewed on our team page.

To keep the program cost effective, we offer four standard options:

Junior Company Support Program Options

Type of Support LVL 1 LVL 2 LVL 3 LVL 4
Triple R Alliance Support*
Support Terms*
40 hours/year 1 day/month 2 day(s)/month
Access to tools and templates on preparing for engagement, identifying interests, handling conflict, managing expectations, addressing grievances and social risk assessment.
Guidance notes, published on a quarterly basis, which follow a particular theme relevant to field-based staff such as social investment, local employment and local procurement, community health and safety and in-migration.
An annual learning exchange through a facilitated workshop between participating companies, with each benefiting from the other’s experiences.
Cost Per Year 10K USD 25K USD 50K USD
Site visits. Typically lasting 5-8 days, these could involve an overall performance review, training, or the development of specific strategies. Agreed Rate(s)
A fixed-duration presence on site that could be used to help to establish a CR or land-access team, develop a management system, or develop the skills of local staff. Agreed Rate(s)

If you are interested in the program please visit our contact page or email us for more information at contact@tripleralliance.ca so that we can discuss what works best for you.