Our Team

Luc Zandvliet

The Founder and Director of TRA, Luc has conducted over 90 site visits with 30+ companies. He is frequently asked by senior leadership teams to advise their approach and supports companies in the development of their social performance management systems. Together with Mary Anderson, Luc co-authored Getting it Right; Making Company-Community Relations Work, which benchmarks best practices with regard to company/community relations in contexts of social and political instability and is broadly used in the industry.

With TRA, Luc aims to demystify how to obtain and maintain positive company-community relations by embedding above-ground risk issues into existing business processes. Luc has conducted over 100 site visits to mining and oil operations in 30 countries to conduct assessments, develop procedures and coach local teams. At the corporate level, he supports companies in the development of strategies and management systems.

In addition to working directly with companies, Luc has collaborated with extractive industry associations on the implementation of pilot and guidance projects for major and junior extractive companies (ICMM, IPIECA, and PDAC). He has also worked with departments in the Canadian Government to develop practical tool-kits and training modules for managing company-community issues. Luc is also a Senior Associate with Shift, an independent, non-profit center for business and human rights practice.

Vanessa Alexander

Vanessa is a Conflict Analyst with experience providing conflict research and reporting, impact evaluations, corporate social performance reviews, and workshop design and facilitation with NGOs and companies in the extractive sector. Vanessa's focus has been on the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

Adam Babatu

Adam is an International Development Professional with expertise in the areas of socioeconomic/social impact assessments, vulnerability assessments and livelihoods planning, institutional capacity building (community systems management), and building community development partnerships; mostly in the extractive industry in Ghana and Uganda.

Robin Budden

Robin has been a mining engineer for more than 30 years splitting his time between operations, projects and most recently community relations, moving into the social side of business when he took up an opportunity in Ghana ten years ago. Post graduate CR management study at University of Queensland, a two year stint in Madagascar and a series of short term assignments in Brazil, Canada, Ghana (again), Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Saudi Arabia and Uganda round out his community relations management portfolio. Robin is a generalist and is equally comfortable in the field and in the office. He has a leaning towards systems and process and is most interested in helping companies put in place what is in essence a very sound, robust and simple model for managing community relations and social risk. Robin holds a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Mining Engineering from the South Australian Institute of Technology, Adelaide, Australia and a Graduate Certificate in Community Relations from University of Queensland, Australia.

Marie Capie

Marie specializes in local content, developing and implementing strategies and solutions for the optimal usage of local workers and suppliers by extractive projects. This can include the elaboration of project labour agreements, the definition of policies concerning the recruitment and management of local resources, the creation of tools to measure local resources skills and usage, and the management of demobilization phases. Marie was in charge of the demobilisation programs of a major nickel and cobalt project in Madagascar, including the implementation of an unemployment allocation program for 21,000 ex-workers. With a degree in management and PMP certified, Marie has wide international experience throughout Europe, Africa, and the Americas including 8 years in Madagascar.

Jane Church

Jane is most passionate about social performance when the rubber hits the road – that is, when teams on the ground work to put standards and systems into practice. She comes to TRA from the mining sector, where she worked as a member of a global corporate CSR team developing a community relations management system. Jane has focused on enabling effective system implementation by designing tools and administrative structures with site teams in mind. As a result she is adept at facilitating the implementation of new social performance tools, particularly on stakeholder engagement, grievance management, and information management. In her work Jane looks for opportunities to work cross-functionally within organizations on a range of topics, from local content to reporting and is specialized in training and coaching community relations staff. Jane has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and Masters in Development Economics and International Business from The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy.

Lawrence Dixon

For nearly two and a half decades Larry has worked with company, government, NGO, and community stakeholders to overcome seemingly intractable disputes. One of Larry’s greatest strengths is helping different stakeholders develop good working relationships that make each side stronger - by working together to create shared value and reduce social risks, instead of losing opportunities by working in isolation.

Larry designs and leads hands-on trainings and workshops related to assessment and management of social risks and impacts, advises on company-community agreement making, and works with management teams to reduce company risks and operationalize social performance tools aligned with IFC Performance Standards. He helps companies establish social management systems that integrate into functional work streams and both exceed international standards and reduce company impacts and risks. Larry rolls ups his sleeves and helps different functions in a company improve their social license to operate – one Operations Manager noted, “Larry comes here and actually helps us get things done; not like others that come here and just ‘advise’ us on what to do.”

Anne-Sophie Leroy

During the past 15 years, Anne-Sophie has journeyed across a broad spectrum of professional experience, from community meetings to the successful launch of two challenging subsidiaries for an O&G major in Africa. From this field to boardroom journey, Anne-Sophie has developed a deep understanding of the parameters which shape corporate-stakeholder relationships and she has extensive meaningful experience in dialogue-based processes with a range of stakeholders, including communities, local and central governments, civil society and donors. Anne-Sophie particularly enjoys analysing complex social environments and conceiving pragmatic strategies to mitigate social risks and integrate social performance into the core business. She keeps these objectives in mind when building or assessing social management systems, when designing practical tools for and building the capacity of field teams, or supporting the implementation of social programs. Anne-Sophie graduated with an engineering degree in agronomy from AgroParisTech, France, and started her career working for a humanitarian NGO and in the public sector on international development programs.

David Reyes

David works with Triple R Alliance helping natural resource companies operate more effectively in difficult social contexts. He specializes in developing practical management plans to integrate international standards and local concerns into day-to-day operations, particularly on mine sites. Among David’s areas of expertise are stakeholder engagement, grievance resolution, indigenous and tribal affairs, conflict management and social investment. David has worked in over 20 countries in Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa and North America. His work has included numerous long and short-term contracts on sites where he has guided the design and implementation of tailored social performance management systems. He has also spent extended periods of time on several sites in Africa and the Middle East building the capacity of local community relations staff to assess the risks and root causes of conflict, to think strategically about conflict prevention, and to function effectively as intermediaries when company-community conflict does arise. He holds a Ph.D. in international law focusing on resource policy and tribal rights in the mining sector and is also functionally fluent in French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Emily Richards

Emily has over 7 years of experience working on the engagement between business and human rights, helping companies predominantly in the extractive sector implement the UN Protect, Respect, Remedy framework including the development of integrated human rights impact assessments. She recently acted as lead researcher on the development of the EC's Guide to implementing the UNGPs in the oil and gas sector and managed UNICEF's work on understanding the impacts of industrial scale mining on children..